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Cam & Darla are dedicated to helping you buy a home not simply selling you a house. You are “sold” things constantly and are inundated with ads and pitches for unnecessary luxuries.  We are here to help you move beyond the white elephants in the room and find the place you want to come home to everyday…happily.

Cam & Darla are not salespeople, they are your partners and their consultative approach will help identify and find the right property for you…no strings attached.

Cam & Darla are there for you to review the standard stuff – style, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, basement - but are also there to explore the deeper stuff – your lifestyle needs, amenities, long term plans – so you walk away with a clear understanding of you want, what you need and how we are going to get you both!

As a buyer, there are no costs to you to have us on side as your Real Estate Agents

, only the comfort in knowing you have an educated team on your side looking out for your best interests.

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