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The Process

Um…how does this work exactly?

Making the choice to invest in real estate is the first smart decision you will need to make and from there we can help guide you through the rest while answering any questions you have along the way.

It is important to know that no two real estate transactions are the same, however, the underlying process they follow is. This typically takes the shape of:

#1 Preparing your Home for Sale

Staging is truly an art. Did you know staged homes typically sell 60% faster than those that aren’t staged. A properly stage home is designed to make an emotional connection with buyers, helping to disassociate yourselves from the home so you can move on and by excited to unpack at your next chapter.

When staging is done right, it typically nets you a higher sales price which mean the buyer pays for this service and you end up with more money in your pocket. At Sage we not only have design-conscious Agents on hand that can make these suggestions to you but have also partnered with Prep This House, the leading home stagers in the Okanagan Valley.

#2 Picking the Price

Most agents are quick to warn sellers of the consequences of over-pricing your home but what about the dangers of underpricing and leaving money on the table that should be in your pocket?
Both Cam & Darla are experts in is knowing the market and your home. Our goal is to not under or over price your home but instead to properly price it – finding that sweet spot where we can help squeeze every penny (soon to be nickel) out of the transaction for your but without extending the time on market. This principle, known as the Goldilocks Principle, is what guides our pricing recommendations on your home carefully analyze the market trends to find that price range that is not too hot and not too cold but just right.

#3 Market, Market, Market

We will outline the marketing strategy behind your property and how we will be able to execute it! In addition an MLS® listing, this marketing program may include targeted local and national mail and email campaigns, print ad campaigns, open houses, tours with other Real Estate Agents, online advertising and more. We provide Virtual 3 diminsional tour and digital mapping and sizing. 

#4 Prepare for Showings

Ever walk into a home and just feel at home? That’s the exact feeling we want buyers to emote when they pull in the driveway. Depending on the time of day this may mean turning on the outside and inside lights, having soft music playing, opening all interior doors and of course “hiding” the everyday clutter to the best of your abilities! Sage will provide you with a handy checklist to refer to before each showing to ensure your home is being shown in its best light.

#5 Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

Once an offer has come in you can count on the negotiating expertise of Cam or Darla to help make your sale a profitable one. Keep in mind that negotiating does not only take price into consideration but includes all the other details like closing dates, inclusions, contingency subjects, and more. Negotiations are opportunities that can come and go…we know this and as such respond back respectfully and professionally looking for the trade-offs that will provide a win-win for all. Overall, negotiations are an adrenaline rush that we love to conquer.

#6 Complete and Move In

Once we get you an offer is accepted congratulations are in order but there are still steps to complete before the ink dries.  Most purchase agreements have numerous contingencies or subjects in them that are there to protect you.  These are typically there to ensure you have the time you need to properly investigate the home, ensure all your ducks are in a row, and allow you the freedom to cancel the contract without penalty if things do not check out or go as expected.

These contingencies must be completed within certain time limits (as specified in the purchase agreement) and are critical to follow through on. Failing to get tasks done in a timely manner can result in losing the home of your dreams…which is where Sage comes in.  You already have many things on your plate and before anything falls through the cracks (or even comes close to resembling it could) we are there to help (and yes sometimes nag if needed) to make sure it gets done so you can enjoy your home worry and stress free!

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